Brexit’s affect on many Couples and Families

There are many couples who voted differently from each other. There were many arguments between couples.

Was that you and your loved one? Did one of you go quiet and not dare to say any more once you new they were on a different page from you.

Many couples have been affected by this vote. This vote which has made history has caused rifts in relationships. Despite it being a secret ballot…couples discussed it and thought that they would be singing from the same hymn sheet as each other…but…no!

What’s done is done now. There is no going back…unless we get to re-vote. We have to move forward. Is it really worth breaking up for…is it really worth not speaking to each other…is it really worth being so angry that we didn’t stay in or smug that we got out or even worse…wish you’d voted differently as so many now do.

This article shows one couple in disagreement:

Brexit pushed many of our buttons.

Families are splitting up because of the apparently old/young divide feelings on Brexit. I know families where this has happened, where the older generation were voting out for their grandchildren but their children voted to stay in for their children! This article shows another family rift:

If you and your loved one(s) are in this position please listen to each other as you both have a right to your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the way you vote. I know your feelings are strong and you may feel very angry and hurt but listening is the most important communication skill you can use. You don’t need to say anything.

If you feel so angry you want to scream, wait until you are on your own and let it out. You can also punch a pillow and scream or shout out how you are feeling. This will all release the tension inside you.

Please do not belittle your loved one(s)…they have a right to their beliefs if they want to keep them. Just say “I hear what you say and I feel…” and say what ever the emotion is. Discuss it amicably but as soon as you feel the emotions rise, stop and say “I feel too angry to carry on right now”.

If your relationship is really in a mess and you want some help, please go and see someone who can help you find a way through.

I would love to help you.

Please call me on 0208 440 0495 or email me on

Or you can invest in my book at which really spells out how to communicate effectively.

Thank you

I love you Anita x



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