My Heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in Paris last week

How do we deal with the loss of loved ones?

We grieve. How long does this last?

How long is a piece of string? It is also different for everyone. Some need help with the bereavement and others like to do it on their own. I remember a new client coming to see me five years after her husband had died and she had only just started crying for her loss…she hadn’t allowed or dared to allow herself the time to grieve for him.

As most of us have a relationship with someone, a loved one or friend, who we care deeply about, remember that when they are not with us any more, it’s too late to say the things we could have said when they were with us.

So, please if you have a loved one, wake up in the mornings and tell him/her that you love them and give them a big hug. If they’re not there when you wake up, phone or at least text them that you love them.

Also, tell yourself that you love you and appreciate being alive. Life shows up…things happen…and love is very powerful.

The power of LOVE has been proven. Just take New York many years ago with its very high crime rate …thousands of people had a sit in with candles and in silence sent love out into the city. The result …the crime rate went down.

We can do this on our own…just keep giving love. Remember the ripple effect…throw a pebble in a lake and it will ripple out.

I know life shows up and it’s challenging to keep giving love however if we become more aware/mindful of ourselves and what we are saying and doing, then we notice more how we affect others and have the choice to give or not give love.

Thank you, I love you Anita xxx

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Anita Jackson,
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