Christmas is Coming…What about Love at this time?

I was just reading the headlines on the News on Google…more gloom and doom. Interestingly, I normally look at three headlines and then exit because I don’t want to absorb all that gloom and doom energy.  For some reason I scrolled down and saw a headline asking when this year’s John Lewis Christmas Advert would be released. I was curious. What a wonderful surprise I got…not gloom and doom… but sheer delight as I watched last year’s advert (I hadn’t seen it before). Here it is…

Did that bring you tears of love, joy and peace? It certainly did for me, especially the ending. So watch it all the way through, please.

And remember, love isn’t just for Christmas presents, it’s for you and your loved one and all the year round.

This is so important to remember as Christmas can be so stressful and the highest break-up figures for couples is in the New Year.

Thank you, I love you Anita xxx

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