Rebirth of Love in My Marriage

I find nature to be so very powerful. It is a reflection of ourselves. In fact, did you know that if someone is seriously ill, looking at a tree through the window can help their recovery.

I love travelling and I always learn and grow from the experience. I love meeting new people, being in new cultures and nature around the world.

I often ask clients to wonder what a particular tree, flower, bird or animal means to them and where it is in them. At the same, time we are a reflection of each other. So whatever you see in your husband/wife is in you. At the same time, if your marriage is in a difficult place right now, know that everything changes, nothing stays the same and love can blossom again.

I want to share a poem I wrote many years ago when I was fortunate to be in the Galapagos islands. As you probably know, they are volcanic and there had been an eruption on one of the small islands. We visited it and I was completely in awe of what I saw. I had imagined it to be devastating but…well let me give you my poem first which was a reflection my inner feelings at that time:


I can’t see
Reaching out, there is nothing
Terrified…I don’t move
What’s in front, behind and to the sides?

It’s solid under foot
Hard, yet gravelly dust
My fear keeps me here
Where is here…nowhere and dead

I can hear the earth’s hear beat
I can hear the water running
I can hear the volcano’s anger
Deep within the earth.

Suddenly, what feels firm disappears
I’m falling
I reach out, trying to find a hold…nothing!
My hear’s thumping and I scream!

No-one’s there! No-one cares!
I hear the words “Trust, trust, trust.”
I fall…breathing now
Tension starts to disappear and I begin to trust.

I arrive, where am I?
No life but colours blend together
I can hear and see the sea
Blue…healing and holding…surrounding death.

I see a creature, no two
They dance as one, they move as one
Backwards and forwards, to and ‘thro
Lovers mating

The first is dangerous
She holds the key to life and death
She kills her love, then gives birth
Such balance does she possess

“You cannot know life until you know death”
Is what she said to me
“If he’s quick, he can get away
Back into the sea.”

I see green shoots
Life is starting all around
Even from death comes life
It feels very profound

Back in the darkness
I could smell death
As I fell, I tasted death
Only trust kept me alive!

As you can see I was very aware of the death of life there but also the birth of life just starting to happen. Like the Death card of the Tarot set of cards means rebirth. So even though things in your marriage may not be very loving right now, please know that it can change. By you reading this blog you are the tiny shoot of green that was appearing in the black lava.

So what can you do now…take baby steps…one step at a time. Start smiling, no matter what. Start really noticing how you feel inside…become more aware…and speak your truth. If you feel angry notice if there is hurt or pain underneath that anger and tell your wife/husband that you feel hurt or whatever it is that you feel and saying you feel angry is good too, as long as you don’t act it out.

If you want more help you can contact me or read my book. Why wait any longer for love in your marriage to be better than it ever was.


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Anita Jackson,
Individuals, Couples, Families and Business Relationship Consultant


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