Are You Creating Your Own Economic Crisis?

My clients…two partners…couldn’t make a decision on an important deal.  It was costing them time, money, stress, pain, anger, hurt, tension and disease was setting in. There was a knock on effect with staff, who were aware that something was wrong and also felt tense and stressed. Sitting opposite me, side-by-side and from the way they spoke and held themselves, you’d think they didn’t even know each other, let alone be partners in the same company. How did they let it get so bad? Their bodies were turned away from each other, their arms were folded, they talked to me without including the other. I asked, “Has it always been this way?” ”Oh no” says one. I facilitated the change needed. At first there was a little tension however with my interventions, they started to communicate without friction or conflict.  In one hour, I assisted them to find a resolution. They started turning their bodies towards each other and started to smile, relax their arms and breathe…they were hardly breathing before. They saved themselves a fortune and their staff relaxed and became happy again. If this or similar is happening to you, call me on +44 (0)208 440 0495 before it costs you more time, money and stress. Anita Jackson, Personal and Business Relationship Consultant

+44 (0)208 440 049

Anita Jackson,
Individuals, Couples, Families and Business Relationship Consultant


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